Monday, September 9, 2013

Do I Really Have to Read the Book

A Great Resource at FunkNBeans

Inevitably, each semester students ask instructors: Do I really have to read the book?! The answer is YES. You really do need to read the book. You bought it; you will have assignments and exams related to it; and you are in college to learn and earn credits. That’s not going to happen successfully by just going to class. There is a lot more to college than showing up, and reading the book is essential. It’s not extra. It’s not optional. It just has to be done.
However, reading a textbook can feel like an overwhelming task, and it’s very likely no one ever taught you how. Knowing how to read doesn’t actually go far enough. We need to specifically know to read a textbook. The following resources have great advice for reading textbooks — these guides can make all the difference between a successful college experience and a seemingly impossible struggle and miserable bore! Here are some of my suggestions, but be sure to check out the other resources too.

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