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HIST 1301 Fall 2013--SYLLABUS (face-to-face)

Lone Star College-North Harris                                                                                                     HIST. 1301
David L. Davis
August 26­-December 14
Office: A 264-H
History office: 281-618-5590

Office Hours:
Mondays: 9-1, A 264-H
Wednesdays: 10-1
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U.S History to 1877
Fall 2013

Introduction & Objectives

This course will cover selected themes of U.S. History from ancient empires through Reconstruction in the latter part of the 19th century. The first objective of this course is to provide you with an overview of American history before 1877. We will study selected political, economic, social, and cultural developments during this period so that you will have a basic understanding of the chronology of early U.S. history from a diverse, international perspective. Another objective is to enhance your ability to evaluate sources of information. An adequate overview of any historical period requires a balance of factual knowledge and critical analysis. Memorization of facts is useless without an understanding how they fit into a bigger picture. We will pursue these goals through a mixture of reading (textbook and online), video, and online discussions.
Required Readings to Purchase (choose one version) - All other readings provided online & free.
Bound Version: George Tindall and David Shi, America: A Narrative History, 9th Edition, Vol. 1, W.W. Norton .ISBN: 9780393912630.

Contact/ Communication: Click on the Communication tab frequently to check your mail and read announcements. If you have technological questions contact the Help Desk immediately. If you have a question about the class, send me a mail message from within this class. In most cases, you will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

This course is supported by the LSC-Online system. You will need to use LSC-Online to access quizzes, discussions, and exams. It is essential that you log into the course frequently to receive announcements, take assessments and participate in various assignments. You will need to be able to check your mail messages and be online on a regular basis throughout the course to receive announcements and participate in course assignments. If you have any problems using LSC-Online, contact the Help Desk immediately.
Civil Communication
This class is intended to be a safe space for the exchange of ideas. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to treat everyone else with courtesy and respect, at all times, no matter what. Online, as well as in person, the golden rule should apply: treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.

Here are a few guidelines to help with this.
·       Remember that the person you are talking to is human, and like you, is worthy of respect, courtesy, and compassion, at all times.
·       Never accuse the person. Never insult others or make broad or sweeping generalizations about a particular group, or even a historical character.
Academic Integrity:
Every student in this class is required to know what is in the LSCS Academic Integrity Brochure located in the “Start Here” folder for this class. Read the entire brochure before you begin working on any of the assignments in this course. Even one instance of plagiarism or cheating of any kind can result in an F for the course. I expect honesty and integrity from all students. Many students do not realize that copying only a few words from someone else’s work constitutes plagiarism but it does. You must write all of your own words from your own ideas, from your notes you have taken from the assigned sources. If you do not have the skills to do that, I will help you develop those skills. Do not be seduced by websites that promise easy A’s. What they frequently deliver are hard F’s.
Six Drop Rule
Students who enrolled in Texas public institutions of higher education as first-time college students during the Fall 2007 term or later are subject to section 51.907 of the Texas Education Code, which states that an institution of higher education may not permit a student to drop (withdraw with a grade of “W”) from more than six courses, including courses that a transfer student has previously dropped at other Texas public institutions of higher education that have already been counted against their six drop limit. Each student should fully understand this drop limit before you drop any course. Please see a Counselor or Advisor in our Student Services area for additional information and assistance.


Statement Regarding Disability
The American Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides civil rights protection for persons with disabilities. If you have a disability that requires accommodation(s) to participate in this course, please contact the LSC-North Harris Learning Accommodations Center Office as soon as possible (Winship 120, 281-765-7940). The office will provide you with documentation I need to provide your accommodation(s). Failure to handle this in a timely manner may delay your accommodations.

Visit the site online at :http://www.lonestar.edu/disabilityservices.htm or call (281) 312-1453.  Course
Requirements & Evaluations

Exams = 90%
We will have four exams. They will all be essay exams. You will choose one question from a selection of options and compose a 3-5 paragraph essay in response. These questions will grow directly out of our classroom discussions. For that reason, it will be wise for you to take notes during our classroom discussions and to practice with the online discussions. Bring a Blue Book to class. Your exams must be taken in a Blue Book.
Make-Up Exam Policy
Your lowest exam score (excluding the final) will be dropped. If you miss an exam, that exam will be dropped. If you miss two exams, you will have missed too many, and you will need to repeat the course.

Participation = 10 percent
            Participation is defined as showing up for class on time, as well as actively and respectfully participating            in all class activities.  

Online Discussions = extra credit
Throughout the course, we will have several online discussions. These discussions are an opportunity for you to engage with me and your fellow students outside of class, while also practicing for your essay exams These discussions will not be given a percentage grade. You can have 1-2 extra points added to your exam score for each online discussion you complete on time.

Reading and Unit Schedule 

August 26-31
During this first week, you should complete the following:
  • System check (see LMS Resource tab)
  • Complete all required online orientations
  • Read syllabus carefully
  • Go through all the online folder
  • Check off everything in the start here folder.
  • Get textbook
  • Complete course orientation quiz



September 3
Collision of Cultures
Ch. 1

September 5
Britain and Its Colonies
Ch. 2

September 10
Colonial Ways of Life, International Presence in the Americas
Ch. 3

September 12
The Imperial Perspective
Ch. 4

Monday, September 23
UNIT 1 Exam, Extra Credit
Chapters 1-4


October 1
American Revolution
Ch. 5

October 3
Shaping a Federal Union
Ch. 6

October 8
Federalist Era
Ch. 7

October 10
Early Republic
Ch. 8

Monday, October 21
UNIT 2 Exam, Extra Credit
Chapters 5-8



October 22
Dynamics of Growth
Ch. 9

October 24
Nationalism and Sectionalism
Ch. 10

October 29
The Jacksonian Era
Ch. 11

October 31
The Old South
Ch. 12

November 5
Religion, Romanticism, and Reform
Ch: 13
November 13
W Day
Last day to withdraw with a grade of W

November 12
UNIT 3 Exam, Extra Credit



November 19
An Empire in the West
Ch. 14

November 21
The Gathering Storm
Ch. 15

November 28
Thanksgiving Holiday

December 3
The War of Union: Cotton and the World Market
Ch. 16

December 5
Reconstruction: North and South
Ch. 17

Check Final Exam Schedule
Extra Credit