Friday, August 31, 2012

Extra Credit Opportunity

Susan Boardman-Russ, former senatorial Chief of Staff for James Jeffords, former independent from Vermont, will be presenting on campus in A126 on September 19th at 12:30pm.   She will detail the chaos brought on by Jeffords switching political parties and give us a behind the scenes look into the halls of power in Washington, lobbying [she is a lobbyist], the power of influence and voting blocks, and the anthrax incident.

Neither dry nor boring, Russ will enthrall our students with her stories of intrigue.  She has agreed to spend a couple hours with us, so that students will have the opportunity to ask the questions and get the answers that often are casualties of time constraints.

Her discussion will cross the various disciplines of our department from politics to history to sociology to psychology.  I’d like to suggest that your students be encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity while they perhaps generating a point or two of additional credit in the process. 

She has also offered to counsel our students that participate in our political intern program overseen by Prof. Marie Morrison, to inform them of how best to approach and create opportunities.