Monday, March 26, 2012

Learning Community HIST 1302 PSYCH 2301-Ch 10

Motivation: Initiate, sustain, direct, and terminate actions.
  • need
  • drive
Freud's theory of drive reduction (reduces anxiety)

Assignment: Munzert IQ Test

  • Women apply makeup to simulate a state of sexual arousal
  • In Nazi concentration camps, women pinched their cheeks or applied blood to make themselves appear more vital, hoping they would not be killed.
Ford's Assembly line
  • mass production of cars
    • add historical context
      • Frederick Taylor
      • 5 dollar day
    • Americanization
    • Standardization
    • Consolidation
Abraham Maslow (Motivation)

  • hierarchy of needs
    • self actualization: a belief in the possibility that you can fulfill your potential
    • if needs at the lower level are not met, needs at the higher level cannot be adequately addressed (prepotent)
      • motivation for immigration (pre-potent needs)
        • Work into discussion of "Deciding to be Legal"