Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Due dates updated


Last semester, I changed all the due dates before the course went live, and then they all reverted back to what they were before. So this time, I waited until the course started to change the due dates. Well, it took a little longer than I had expected but all the Unit 1 due dates should be correct. Also, there was some bad information in the syllabus, which I have since changed. If you are away from any Lonestar assessment center and you need to take an exam, you can do it at any proctored location that is recognized for that service. I have even known a public library to have proctoring facilities. It's better to do it at Lonestar if you can, because, otherwise, we have to make special arrangments. But I don't mind if it's necessary.

By the way, there is no orientation quiz. I made one once, but it was so dumb I was embarrassed. I presume you took the online tutorial. If you have any problems or questions, lets just work it out here on the blog.