Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to the course. I hope you find it intellectually fulfilling. Below, please find a few items that some of you have asked about in emails:

* Will I need to show up for exams?

Yes. You are required to take three exams in person at a proctored facility, preferably an LSC assessment center. The reason for this is simply accountability. It is really the only way to hold online students accountable for doing the work themselves.

* I have children, which is why I am taking an online course in the first place. Is child care available?

Yes. Drop-off or regular child care is available at LSC-North Harris.

* What books am I required to read?

* George Brown Tindall and David Emory Shi. America: A Narrative History, Vol. 2, 7th edition.
* Kasson, John, Amusing the Millions (Hill and Wang 1978) ISBN: 978-0-80900133
* Beals, Melba Patillo, Warriors Don’t Cry (Simon Pulse 2007), ISBN: 978-1416948827
* Botz, Dan La, Cesar Chavez (Pearson 2006), ISBN: 0-321-18764-4