Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Afernoon Ike Update

We are feeling the effects of Ike's outer winds, accompanied by occasional spates of rain. Final preparations are complete. Conditions should begin to deteriorate within the next few hours. I will continue posting updates as long as I can. When the power goes down, we will lose our internet gateway. After that, I will post updates via twitter (username, davidldavis). My mobile connection is working fine now so, for as long I can send text messages, I will keep the updates coming.

It now unlikely that Ike will significantly intensify or change direction. This is very bad news for areas between Galveston and Port Arthur where the effects could be catastrophic. For us, the news is mixed. It is unlikely that we will have significant flooding. The bad news is that Ike will likely subject us to hurricane-force winds for a long time. Because of Ike's great size, high winds will extend 100 miles inland before the storm makes landfall and will not diminish until the eye wall passes.

City service vehicles have been driving around looking for hazards and trying secure them. One worker knocked on the door of a house with a bag of garbage at the curb. Presumably, he asked the resident to put the garbage away. They seem to have all gone home, now.

My future neighbor has a sense of humor:

It was considerate of him to lash down the dumpster full of scrap wood.

And perhaps more important, he moved the outhouse indoors.

When Ike hits, the phone circuits will probably get jammed with calls when we have any service at all. Therefore, if you want to contact me, texting is probably best. A text message will get through when a phone call will not.

This might be my last blog update until Ike passes and power is restored, but who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky.