Tuesday, June 16, 2009

exam for online students

The exam period starts today, and runs through Saturday. You have two hours to complete the exam, and you should have seen all the questions before in a quiz. You will have to take the exam at a proctored location, preferably an LSC assessment center. Dont forget to check the closing times where you'll be testing here.

If you are in my face-to-face class disregard this notice. This is for online students only.

Good luck!


Tolu Akindele said...

I sent you a email explaining my situation and I would like to get it resolved so I can move on with the class. Thank you sir

Anonymous said...

Mr Davis,

I plan on taking my test at North Harris but i had a question. Does it matter if i take my test at the Assessment Center or at the Instructional Testing Center? Will both of them have the test available?

Also, i noticed that under course content there is an online Exam 1. Is that test an alternative to going to the testing center, a practice test, or placed their for some other reason?


Anonymous said...

The first test is over Chapters 19 through 22 correct?

David L. Davis said...

Anonymous, the testing center is located on the second floor of the North Harris academic building in the Learning Center.

David L. Davis said...

The "Exam 1, Growing Pains" is the exam you will actually take. You will need a password to begin the exam. The proctor at your assessment center will give you the password.

The exam is chs. 19-22