Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Clear sentence construction

Watch and listen to this short video. It really helps me with my sentence construction.

Can y'all hear the audio?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Davis,

For your online class, which upcoming exam will have the "Warrior's Don't Cry" quiz questions on the test?

and, which exam will have the "Ceasar Chavez" quiz questions on the test?


Eric said...

Our classe's blackboard still has a large amount of problems. Chapter 28 quiz got moved to Unit 4, not really a big deal just seemed strange. Chapter 30 quiz is not available to take, it was open from June 1st - June 7th. Amusing the Millions discussion is still broken for our class and just says "There is currently no content in this learning module."

Again, just a heads up and a way to be reminded. I'll tell you during class on Monday.

RM said...

Dr. Davis-
I was just wondering if chapter 37 quiz was going to be put up soon. I am working my way there and I do not see the quiz available yet. thanks.

Anonymous said...

have a few questions, one for the worriors dont cry the syllabus says the quiz and the discussion is due sunday june 21 but the actually quiz says it doesnt close till july 7. another question is where can i find the last book.. every website i tried it says there is no book by that name.