Sunday, June 14, 2009

Amusing the Million Discussion

I am really enjoying the discussion. I should probably clarify (a little late for most of you) that I only intended for you to respond to one question. I must have worded the assignment badly somewhere, because everyone seems to have read it the same way.

If I haven't responded to your discussion post yet, I soon will. I will comment on each discussion post as I go through them. I'm not grading just now, because of a technical issue I just discovered and will have to address Monday.

Keep the discussion posts and comments coming. What you have to say to each other is important, too!


RM said...

Just to clarify Mr. Davis going forward we are only doing a paragraph on one of the questions per book? I just wanted to clarify so that I do not get a partial grade. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Are we required to comment/discuss on another persons response to the question? Does this impact our grade?

chcarlock said...

Yes Dr. Davis I just wanted to insure that you do recieve the message regarding the power outage in my nieghborhood last night. I was not able to complete 25-27 and wanted to see if there was anything I could do.


David L. Davis said...

That's right, RM. Just address one question per discussion. Or you can address something else if you'd rather. The questions are just meant to get you started.