Friday, January 30, 2009

Extra credit!

Get one point added to your final average. This is the equivalent of a letter grade on an exam or discussion paragraph!

To get the credit, attend Rhonda Ragsdale's "Resistance: African American Style" at the teaching theater (A126, downstairs in the Academic Building) at LSC-North Harris. The presentation will take place at noon, Wednesday, February 18.

Free Pizza!

Update: There will be a sign-out sheet.


Lisa said...

Will there be a sign in sheet?

houstonmacbro said...

Okay why didn't I have professors like you?!?

David L. Davis said...

Yes, there will be a sign-in sheet.

David L. Davis said...

hmac, coming from you, that's a high compliment! thank you.

Tamera said...

I can not make the Feb 18 extra credit due to my work schedule (I work in conroe from 8 to 5); will there be any additional extra credit opportunities through out the semester?

Also, what format will the Anderson quiz be in? Similar to the Chapter quizes?

David L. Davis said...

Here's the link to Ragsdale's itinerary. She's giving the talk at three locations. I saw the first one, and I can tell you it is well worth it. The Ragsdale lectures rock!