Monday, September 1, 2008

New Orleans Floodwall Stuffed with Newspaper.

I kid you not. Watch the video.


Sandra said...

Wow this 'blows my mind' too.

I cannot believe how careless these people were when constructing this wall. But really, who were those people who let an unlicensed corp. do the job? That person should also be held responsible.

A company who does not follow the ASTM specifications thoroughly should not continue to do construction work. If they do then they will continue to put people in danger.

Luckily, nothing severe happen during the time since the wall was built. But if no one knew that there was newspaper instead of that rubber joint and somehow the wall failed, then there is a probability that there will be people left to suffer.

Chelsi Shalea C. said...

I would say that I cannot believe this would be an issue but I can. An "Emergency" repair? Are you kidding? So in other words if there is a so called "emergency" the government can fix it with NEWSPAPER! This is ridiculous and truly shows that the government could care less about it's "people". SHAMEFUL