Friday, October 28, 2011

Judy Taylor Scholarship

Judy Taylor Scholarship and Program Scholarship
Information Sheet


This scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to students who are dealing with a catastrophic medical situation (personal or immediate family) while pursuing an education at Lone Star College–North Harris.  It is inspired by the courage, determination and unflagging spirit of Professor Judy Taylor in the face of such a challenge.

Amount of Award   $1,000

 General Instructions and Checklist

 You must be a student currently enrolled at Lone Star College-North Harris (9 or more credit hours per term).

Must have at least a 3.00 cumulative college level grade point average (GPA) on a 4.00 scale (B average).
The student or one of the student’s immediate family members (spouse/partner, child, parent) must currently be experiencing or must recently have overcome a devastating medical hardship.
Preference will be given to students currently enrolled in Math and/or Science classes
Application deadline date: 5:30 p.m. on December 5, 2011
Completed applications and reference letters should be submitted to:
Diane Murray
Math Department
WN 115P
Recipient of scholarship will be notified in January
If there are no applicants that meet the criteria for the scholarship, the funds will not be dispersed.
 Disbursement Guidelines

 The funds will first cover the student’s direct educational expenses such as tuition, fees, books and supplies (excluding personal computers) for the Spring, 2012 semester at

Lone Star College-North Harris.
Any unused funds (after the expenses listed above) will be disbursed by check or credit to the student after the Official Day of Record for the term awarded.
Lone Star College District provides equal employment, admission, and educational opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

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