Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Expense-paid trip to Saudi Arabia for MAL alumni

Hello Model Arab League Advisers!

Greetings from the National Council. We have received wonderful news from our friends at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission – we are nearing approval for the next Student Study Visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! As many of you know, these are expense-paid, 10-day, cultural immersion experiences for students who have participated in the MAL program. Having escorting a group of MAL alumni to the Kingdom in 2010, I can say that these study visits are unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You can read about the most recent such study visit in the Council Chronicle. See page 8:

The dates for this visit would be December 7, 2011-January 7, 2012. A nominal program fee will be assessed to reduce attrition. Considering the tight deadline, we must start the selection process now. We are asking for your personal and professional recommendations for student participants. This upcoming visit is planned to include both men and women, the first mixed student delegation the National Council has sent to the Kingdom since our partnership with the Cultural Mission began two years ago!

If any of your student fit the following criteria, please send us their name, email, phone number, and brief paragraph why you would recommend them. Each school may recommend two students. Participants must:
1.      Be Model Arab League alumni;
2.      Not graduate before December 2012;
3.      Have no previous travel experience to the Arab world;
4.      Be in good academic standing;
5.      Be good representatives of your institution, the National Council, and the United States.

Once the final approval for this study visit is received from the Saudi side, we will move forward with the application process. Thank you! We look forward to seeing your recommendations for this great opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

In your blog describing your upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia expenses paid, it starts out with "So What?" I read the blog because I thought that "So What?" was a cheeky comment on the generous offer by the Saudis. When I read on, which many readers may not do, I realized that it was just a silly name of a blog that showed up with an elated comment about the trip. As a Houstonian and a long-time Saudi hand, I just wanted to let you know. I know you mean well and hope you enjoy your trip.