Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kelton, discussion board open

The discussion board is open for Kelton, "The Day the Cowboys Quit." I look forward to a lively discussion!


SusyM said...

Okay, so I don't usually read westerns, but I enjoyed this book. It helped that it was historical fiction so as I read I knew I was taking a look into the struggles of cowboys at that time in history.

My grandpa and uncle are small ranchers in Colorado and the many of the struggles the characters faced in the book are the same struggles face by ranchers today - indebtedness, competition, weather, hard, difficult work from sunup to sundown. However, the cowboy's life hasn't changed all that much. The lifestyle still attracts the outdoorsman that revels in his freedom. They don't often use horses, preferring 4 wheelers, but working hard with their two hands is still fulfilling to them. They drive big diesel trucks, rarely sleep under the open sky and don't have to drive their herds across miles of open land to market, but they still struggle with market prices, the cost of raising cattle, water resources, neighbor disputes and how to make it all happen on a shoestring budget. Not a life I'm the slightest bit interest in, but I love to visit.

David L. Davis said...

Susan, thank you for this insight. It's really something to think about. You use of language and imagery is stimulating and satisfying. Keep writing about this. You obviously have something to say, and you say it well.

David L. Davis said...

Suzy, be sure to post your paragraph on LSC-Online according to these instructions. I'm glad you posted here so that others can see what an excellent discussion paragraph looks like. Follow these instructions:

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