Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Email (online sections only)

This is the best place to interact with me. Blackboard's email function is clunky and unstable (which you already know if you've used it or tried to). That said, contact me by email if you need to. If my reply is terse, I'm not being rude. It's just that I get a lot of email, and if I want to respond to all of them, I have to do it quickly. Do let me know if you have problems with the course. dld


Anonymous said...

Thanks Prof.!! Just wanted to see how things work on this blog! =)

Tawny Covington 1302

Gaby C. said...

Professor Davis,

Do we start on Ch.19 since the first quiz listed in our assessments is on Ch. 19?

David L. Davis said...

Yes Gaby, start with 19.

LaJundra said...

Hi Dr. Davis,

I wanted to know if the Unit 1 exam was going to be chapters 19-22 only, or if the Kelton quiz was going to be included in the exam also?