Monday, March 16, 2009

HIST 1301 Online, Unit 3

I have to let you in on something: I have been going ahead of the syllabus and cleaning up the chapter quizzes before you get to them. It is really tedious, and it takes a long time but some of the answers are wrong, and some of them just don't make sense. It had been my plan to use part of spring break to get the Unit 3 quizzes cleaned up. As you know, the system was down for spring break so you guys will be using the same quiz questions everyone else around here uses, meaning some of them are just not right.

So here's what I'm going to do. For Unit 3, I am going to scale everyone's quiz grades up 8 points. That should compensate for any goofy questions that you get. Furthermore, the exam questions are going to be harder because there will be some questions you haven't seen before. Therefore, I will be curving the exam scores as well. I'll let you know how much when I see the scores.

By the time we get to Unit 4, I'll have those questions straightened out. Unit 3 is going to be a bear. Sorry about that. If it's any consolation, most online courses don't get this kind of attention. They just run with whatever questions the textbook publisher sends.

The Chavez quiz and discussion board will be ready by the end of this week.
Good luck!


Elizabeth said...

Dr. Davis, exactly what chapters are going to be on Unit 3, 7-11 or 8-11..?

David L. Davis said...

10-14, isn't it?

Tabita said...

Dr. Davis Do we still study the quizzes for our Exam 3, would the answers be what the computer told us the right answers were on the quiz.

David L. Davis said...

Tabita, when I set up the exam, I chose only questions from each chapter that were listed as having been used on a quiz. However, I can't guarantee that the exam questions you get will always be questions you have seen before. I think the study tools listed in this blog (can't hyperlink in the comments) will be useful, along with the quizzes you have already taken.