Sunday, February 8, 2009

Study aids for online history course

Find chapter outlines, etc. at

Hat-tip to Tamera :)

Update: Some of these tools suggest that you email me stuff. Don't do that. Only email me when you want to "talk" about something.


Anonymous said...

hello Professor,
i was wandering if we can give the exam 1 online ? or we need to go to the assessment center to give it? as i saw the exam 1 module online? is it just the practice stuff or is it the actual exam 1?

David L. Davis said...

hi. i guess your talking about the online class. i use this blog for my face-to-face and online classes, and i don't always know who i'm talking to.

anyway, you do have to go to an assessment center to take the exam. you can see the exam icon but you can't actually begin the exam until the proctor enters the password. good luck!