Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Office hours

I thought it might be useful for you guys to know when you can expect me to respond to your emails.

Let's start with Monday through Thursday. On those days, I'm in class, or otherwise occupied, all morning; and I don't get to my emails until afternoon. I try to have them read and answered by 3 PM. I will log on again around 8:00 PM.

On Fridays, I log on in the mid-to-late morning, and I will probably not log back on until Saturday.

I have scheduled most deadlines for midnight Saturday night, and I try to make myself available off and on throughout the day to deal with problems that might arise as students try to meet this deadline. Saturdays nights, though, I like to party with my friends; so don't expect me to get your late-night emails until Monday afternoon.

I take Sundays off. I won't get your Sunday emails until Monday afternoon.

I hope this helps. dld


elizabeth :) said...

why does the time continue to decrease on a quiz after a log off?

David L. Davis said...

If I understand you properly, you are saying that you begin a quiz, complete a portion of it, and then log off with the intention of completing the remainder later on?

Anonymous said...

for the Anderson writing assignment do you want us to write one paragraph or write more than one paragraph

Felisa Lazo

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where exactly where we are to post the writing assignments?

David L. Davis said...

Just one paragraph that responds to one of the four prompts I provided. Compose your paragraph in a Word Processing program. Print it. Proofread it (preferably by reading aloud), make your corrections, and then paste into the java window that opens when you click "create message." This, of course, is all located inside the "Anderson" learning module after you click the "Anderson Discussion Post" link.