Thursday, February 26, 2009

Extra Credit!

Maria Theresa Hernandez will present, "Cemeteries of Ambivalent Desire," based on an old Mexican cemetery in Sugarland, Texas.

Where: LSC-North Harris, CE 101
When: Monday, March 2, 2009 2-3:30.

Sign out for extra credit (1 point added to your final average)


LaJundra Carr said...

Thanks Dr. Davis....looking forward to it!

Tabita said...

I went to the other extra credit and got my one point. If I go to this one too can a get another point or am I only allowed one point per student???

David L. Davis said...

Collect as many as you are able!

David L. Davis said...

BTW, if you see me there, please introduce yourself. I would love to meet some of my online students.

corey palmer said...

i will defiently be there!!

thanks for the extra credit oppourtunity

Rebecca Valle said...

Mr. Davis I can't seem to find the caphter 7 quiz and I was wondering if it is because you haven't posted it? I have been coming on all week and I have still seen no post on mines.

Delia said...

Dr. Davis,
Do they have another at a different time?
I work from 8-4:30p.m. and I would like to go and get the extra credit.

Thank you,