Tuesday, August 5, 2008

City of Walls

The surge from inside Baghdad:

Hat-tip to panicbean at the Daily Kos

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Michelle Morales said...

This was an overwhelming video. The first thing that come to my mind was "FREEDOM". Watching this video just came to mind that there are many people that live in U.S.that take their freedom for granted. I remember living in Guatemala its just similar to this video. When I had visit my country about 5yrs ago, I was not allow to say the I was a “U.S citizen” also not able to wear any popular clothing brands, nor speak English. Reason why because, “I would be kidnap“. The areas that I would visit would take hours to pass through a certain area just because of a Race, or just the simple fact that I didn’t live in their territory. Watching this video just brought me back to reality and made me wonder “how would the people react if the U.S. ever become a Country like Baghdad.”