Friday, July 11, 2008

Smart Car

Check this out from Great Smoky: Top Green Cars - going green doesn't mean going slow!


Justin English said...

Interesting facts considering cars have become a bigger part of financial importance since gas prices have raised.
If you were a heavy traveler that has a job that does nothing but travel state to state then you might think of choosing the VW Jetta TDI because after the back road test it cam out to 47.3mpg but, the Hybrid Toyota Prius came in second with 46.0mpg so, because of the gas prices today I would drive the Toyota Prius.
In the street test which is for those who don't travel FAR FAR distances such as college students the Toyota Prius is the car for us.
After the highway test which is most likely for those business drivers such as salesmen for a big company choosing the VWJetta TDI may seem enticing because I came out to 48.9mpg but once again the Toyota came out second from it and it has 47.7mpg. Thinking of the gas price I once again would drive the Hybrid Toyota Prius over the Jetta any day.
Just like car dealerships say hybrids are going to become the cars of the future. I also didn't mention that the Hybrid Toyota Prius has the best green house effect with .18tons
Written by: Justin English Hist 1301

Melissa Hernandez said...

I agree with Justin, it depends on our style of living and our necessities that we will elect our car. With our economic situation today and with the high gas prices it has never been more important to really research which type of car is the best fit for us. As Justin said in class, it is not only important to consider the "Now" but also look at the future and the long run situation.

Wordjunky said...

I bought a smart car precisely because it fit my lifestyle. Good mileage, no kids at home, short commute (3 mi to train). Most of my driving is solo - my wife joins me sometimes, 95% of my driving is within 5 miles of the house and on city streets. Not to mention it cost $10K less than a Prius and even at $4 a gallon it'll take a while to make up that in mileage difference.