Monday, January 23, 2012

Learning Community HIST 1302 PSYCH 2301

Today was Janice's day to teach. She covered the basic theoretical approaches to Psychology and also covered the historical development of psychology from William James through Latane and Darley. Wednesday, I will
  • Introduce professor to the class
  • Have class introduce each other

Overlapping topics: History and Psychology
  1. Latane and Darley--bystander apathy (1970-ish)
    1. Dissent
  2. Roll of free will in history
    1. Marx
      1. Structure determines the infrastructure
      2. Ideological hegemony
    2. Freud
      1. Return of the Repressed
    3.  Human Agency
Janice gave us a learning tip:
    Let the name help you remember the term or concept. Many times the meaning of a term will lie within the roots of the term itself.

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