Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Volunteer Peer Leader Academy

The Center for Teaching and Learning is proud to present our first volunteer Peer Leader Academy. Peer leaders would donate their time to mentoring and tutoring their fellow students. In exchange for their time, they would be trained according to the College Reading and Learning Association requirements and receive an international certification upon successful completion of training and tutor/mentor contact hours. PLA students would function in a dual role on campus as volunteer mentors/tutors. PLA students will be divided in teams of five and mentor four EDUC 1300 courses.

We kindly request your assistance in recruiting students interested in becoming volunteer mentors/tutors in this academy.

Student requirements to prequalify are as follows:

1.) 3.0 GPA

2.) Grade of A or B in content area they are interested in tutoring

3.) Faculty Recommendation

4.) Orientation

5.) Commitment to 15 hours of training (10 hours tutor training and 5 hours mentor training)

6.) Commitment to tutoring and mentoring 50 hours per year (25 hours tutoring and 25 hours mentoring)

7.) Successful completion of at least one semester at LSC-North Harris

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