Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HIST 1302, online and 10:30 face-to-face

To make up for those questions from "Ragtime," I added 20 points to everyone's score. Your grades are looking very good, so far. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

sorry couldn't find the 1301 comment page, but this is Erin Bartholomew again... Where did you say that we could find the testing tips. I tried looking for them and came up short so to speak. Thanks a bunch!

Keep it up with the musical inspirations everymorning in your class!!

Anonymous said...

Quick question,
So for Unit 2 test will it be 22-30 plus The Day the Cowboys Quit?


yolanda whitaker said...

mr davis. please email me asap...i went to take my exam and they were closed ..i dont know what time they closed but they were closed at 4p...i thought they closed at 5 buti guess i was wrong...please email me bck asap...i don't know what to do i dont want to fell my class over a miscommunication..please email me back asap

David L. Davis said...

Okay, Yolanda. I am emailing you now.