Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Q & A

Professor Davis, is the final exam just over the 3rd unit? Or is this 50 questions over all 3?
  • It will be 50 questions from Unit 3.
Professor Davis, on a previous post I asked about the discussion for the Cesar Chavez book, but you probably didn't see it. On your syllabus, it says only the quiz is due, but on the book link, there's a discussion board. So are we to do both?
  • You don't have to do a discussion for that book. You must have seen a leftover link from a previous course where we did discuss that book. Those links are like weeds, and it's astonishingly hard to get them all out.
I checked my grade and I could only a grade for the first discussion but not the second discussion. Is it because you haven't post up the grades for the second discussion?
  • That's right. I, rather unexpectedly, had to drive 800 miles (400 each way) to pick up my daughter in Mississippi. This has played havoc with my schedule at a very inconvenient time.

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